Автор Тема: Кой викингски бог си?  (Прочетена 714 пъти)

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Кой викингски бог си?
« -: 2014-06-27, 19:17 »
Which Norse God Are You?


Cautious and Fortuitous, you are the Norse God Heimdall! In Norse mythology, Heimdall (also called Heimdallr) is a god who possesses the resounding horn Gjallarhorn, owns the golden-maned horse Gulltoppr, has gold teeth, and is the son of Nine Mothers. Heimdallr is attested as possessing foreknowledge, keen eyesight and hearing, and keeps watch for the onset of Ragnarök while drinking fine mead in his dwelling Himinbjörg, located where the burning rainbow bridge Bifröst meets heaven. Heimdallr is said to be the originator of social classes among humanity.

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Re: Кой викингски бог си?
« Отговор #1 -: 2014-06-28, 00:41 »

Athletic and Cold-natured, you are the Norse Goddess Skaði! In Norse mythology, Skaði (sometimes anglicized as Skadi, Skade, or Skathi) is a jötunn and goddess associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter, and mountains. In both the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda, Skaði is responsible for placing the serpent that drips venom onto the bound Loki. Skaði is alternately referred to as Öndurguð (Old Norse "ski god") and Öndurdís (Old Norse "ski dís", often translated as "lady").
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